Peter and Andrea are pleased to welcome their adopted daughter Hannah Katherine Davison to this beautiful world.

Born at 3:42 am Friday, Nov 28, 2008 weighing 8 pounds and 4 ounces and 22 inches in length.

Birth mom Jessica experienced 24 hours of labour with the last 2 hours of hard pushing and was supported at every breath with birth grandmom Kathleen by her side.

Holding the all night vigil was birth dad Ray, Aunt Janet and Cousin Michelle and Great Grandmom Beverly. The birth mom and dad have chosen to keep open contact

Sitting overnight with Peter and Andrea, the adopting parents, were Angela, Emily and James.

Baby Hannah spent her 15 day legal waiting period with her foster mother, Aunt Angela, Andrea's identical twin sister.

Hannah came home Tuesday, Dec. 16, the day before her birth mom's 17th birthday. And so it is with grateful hearts that we begin the magnificent journey of parenting.

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Aunt Angela (Yes they are twins)

Mum Andrea with the Cuddle Bug

Proud Daddy


Welcome to the World - Hannah's Day 1

Setting up a Family Photo Hannah 3 weeks old

Baby Buddha Speaks 15 weeks old 

Sleepy Blossom

Little light of love shining
as brown bear comforts your going and coming.
and so a brave new adventure begins,
the journey of a child and family celebrating life
and it's infinite possibilities for love.


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Andrea, Hannah (age 1 day) and Peter

Christmas Family Photo - Hannah, 3 weeks old with Milli, 5 months and Riley, 6 years

Nana and Grampie Richard

Mimi and Papa Davison

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